Mission Statement: "The organization serves as a voice for nurse leaders; provides venues for professional development and advocacy; facilitates research and its application to advance nursing practice and health care policy; and serves as a catalyst for transforming patient care."

NCONL Diversity and Inclusion Position Statement:The North Carolina Organization of Nurse Leaders is committed to advocate for and achieve diversity within the community of nurse leaders and in the workplace environment. The organizational mission, vision and strategic direction of NCONL recognize that the success of nursing leadership as a profession is dependent upon reflecting the diversity of the communities we serve and the inclusion of all perspectives and cultures. NCONL moves forward with an active sensitivity toward and promotes diversity in all forms. It is the position of NCONL that diversity is one of the essential building blocks of a healthful practice/work environment and criteria to be considered in the recruitment and education of future nurses and nurse leaders.

NCONL is divided into six (6) geographic districts.  Two representatives are elected to serve their respective districts for two (2) year terms.  District Representatives serve as primary contacts for communication regarding district and state-wide activities and plan district meetings which offer local networking/educational opportunities for members.